thank you

Thanks to the generosity and support of the following individuals and organizations, I was able to raise more than the required $10,000 for my year in Cape Town. Gratitude and humility don’t begin to cover what I feel. The sheer fact that there are so many people on this list fills my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Howell Adams
Carolyn and Lenn Amacher
Jeff and Jeannie Amacher
Lora Arnold
Lance and Donna Askins
Lyndi Baggett-Bean
Bruce and Betty Barnes
Donald Bean
Lana Bradley
Elizabeth Bratten
Barbara Bull
Cindy Sue Campbell
Betty Carpenter
Linda Cizunas
Jonathan and Barbara Clark
Gail Clayborne
Judy Cox
Ginger Crosswy
James Cunningham
Anne Chenoweth
Paula Doney
Naomi Duke
Amy Durm
Joyce Durm
Trudy Edwards
Boyd Evans
Janet Feller
Lynda Fernander
David and Kim Foster
Mary Jo Gallagher
Rusty and Anna Garner
Tonya Garner
Richard and Margaret Gipson
Judy Goff Roden
Lori Golden
Katie Goforth
Anna Goforth
Marshall Graves
Mary Jane Gray
Jean Haigh
Bernadine Hall
Howard Hall
Nicky Hamilton
David Harrison
Nelson and Lisa Hatchett
Susan Hayes
Charles Heflin
Amy Hopf
Donna King
Robbie Kologinczak
Matt and Pam Kreidenweiss
Susan Loman
Donnie and Linda Loman
Sara Lowery
Davis Mason
BJ Mathis
Charlie and Janna McClain
Patrice McCann
Helen McGill
Chasity Melton
Christy Mitchell
Linda Morgan
Mike Murrah
Etta Norris
Mary Sue Norris
Ronnie and April Norris
Michael Oliver
Chris Paff
Lou Paff
Jim and Sue Parrott
Emily Partin
Lon and Melinda Partin
Ronald Pegram
Jackie Puryear
Reggie Riddle
Cindy Robertson
Susan Rush
Jill Russell
Connie Sharkey
Lenda Sherrell
Mildred Sherrill
Beth Smith
Brett and Beverly Smith
Gerald Smith
Ruth Sons
Carl and Betty Spray
W.M. Stewart
Cameron Swallow
Brenda Tate
Sherry Taylor
Rev. Jason Terhune
Nina Tucker
Alice Turner
Felicia and Nathan Wanuch
Jeannie Warren
Brenda Williams
Patricia Winters
Clare Wiseman
Scott and Misty Worthington
Karen Zarecor
Clare Zisk

The Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee, Bishop John Bauerschmidt, Janet Jamieson, and Kim Dougherty
Winchester Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Pastor Michael Clark, the general session, Men's Fellowship, and Women's Ministry
All Saints' Chapel, Tom Macfie, Melissa Hartley, and Rob McCallister
Harmony Cumberland Presbyterian Church and Women's Ministry
Christ Church Episcopal
South Cumberland Plateau Health Network

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