Meet me

Photo credit to the incredible Gabby Valentine

My name is Lacey Oliver. I'm from small-town Tennessee, graduated from the University of the South Class of 2014, and spent last year as an Americorps VISTA in Grundy County. In September I hopped on a 15 hour flight to Cape Town, South Africa to serve with the social development organization Hope Africa through the Young Adult Service Corps. I'll be posting here regularly throughout my year as a YASCer. 

The blog's title comes from my favorite poem, "Closer" by Anis Mojgani (the same poem that inspired the tattoo you'll notice on my wrist). The poem is an invitation - to come into life fully, to embrace your humanity, to be vulnerable, to seek beauty and love and connection.

I've had people tell me they'd be too scared to do this or comment on how fearless I am. I'm certainly not without fear. But I'm taking a leap of faith, and I hope that you'll walk through this with me. Our hearts beat louder when we are scared or excited, and I'm obviously both. But more importantly, it reminds me that our hearts communicate in a way words never can. It reminds me that sometimes simply being a presence can have an impact and that we can show love without ever opening our mouths. This year, I pray for the courage to be vulnerable and to live with a loud heart.

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